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2017 Will be differnt

Part 3 ~


So as I have prayed and sought the Lord on how I could serve Him better and accomplish all that He has called me for 2017, this is what I hear…

So long phone and Facebook!

Hear me out!

I will be putting my phone down more!!

So if you ever wonder why someone hasn’t text you back yet and you think, ‘I know they see it!’ Don’t think that of me! I might not see it!

I will be plugging my phone in my office and will not be carrying it around everywhere with me!

I do not want my children to think every time we do something fun as a family I will post about it, or every time they do something great I will share with everyone! I want them to enjoy the moments they are in and cherish them in their hearts! So I need to be that example!

So this is my plan~

1~ I will spend more time blogging ~ (not all about my family but more about the Goodness of the Lord) ~ I pray that you will see that as personal as writing about my family!

(* this goes against all blogging advice, ~ They say the more about your personal life the more people will be interested~ I am going to trust that you know that the goodness of the Lord and knowing Him deeper is the most personal thing about me!)

2~ I will share to FB but will not be checking it often~

(So please, don’t get mad at me if I do not respond back quickly)

3~ PLEASE, PLEASE do not get your feelings hurt if I don’t like your picture of your beautiful children, dog or house! Please don’t get mad if I do not wish you a HaPpY BiRtHdAy. I do think of you often but if you miss us come and see us and have some coffee on the porch or play a family game with us!

4~ I will not bombard you with Salty, Sweet info~ I will post on the FB page about once a week and as needed for the exciting things God has in store for those that want to be apart of some of the great things He has in store for us this coming year!! (*EEK~ I CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE WITH YOU!!!)

I am saying all this to say, I want to cultivate what God has given me and not be on my phone but embrace the people and time given here and now!

May you see my heart in this and may I see you face to face this coming year to hug your neck, and be encouraged by one another ~not just like each other’s latest pic!

Help make 2017 different and cultivate real relationships not just a quick connection on social media but time spent investing in relationships that can take a lifetime to enjoy fully! put away instant gratification and put the hard work into knowing someone and really loving them for who they are in I pray in return you find that same joy of being known and loved!


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