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Beautiful Fruit makes Beautiful People

We are made in the image of our God and we never look more like our Jesus than when we bear fruit. •Have you not heard of His perseverance while being mocked, persecuted, lied about and rejected by the “popular crowd”? •Have you not heard that the fruit he showed revealed no sin in Him? •Have you not read of how Jesus rose from the grave and to this day is setting captives free? •Have you not seen this gift of grace as freeing? Freeing us to not give any space to sin that bounds us to more bondage? With anger, strife, lies, gossip it only furthers the cycle that the enemy wants us trapped in. These are the very things He set us free from. We can choose to be like Jesus in every trial and find strength when His Spirit reveals a love you didn’t know you had for people. Allowing you to pursue with boldness and confidence in joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control with all people. Knowing also, that all people are made in His image. Treating people with a powerful rejection of allowing sin to rule. We look like our beautiful Jesus when we allow His Spirit to lead and overcome our uncomfortable flesh. It’s hard ~ but so worth it! I have seen this power! I have witnessed it’s freedom! I am convinced that if He can do it for me ~ He is able to keep you fruitful. It’s a choice to walk in freedom or bound by sin. My confidence is not in people but the power of God who overcomes all sin ~ if we humbly accept the gospel and humbly live out the gospel we will see lives changed, just like Jesus does. It’s beautiful! Just like a flower that blooms from a seed that has been buried, broken, enduring the long winter All for the moment beauty is made from its perseverance. ~ That type of perseverance makes beautiful things. Hold fast to the truth you have heard and preserver will grace as your guide. Then you will be ever, so grateful not for the trials but for the fruit. Because that’s where your best friend, Jesus is! It’s knowing and loving Jesus~ not for what He does but who He is, as we see our hearts change to reveal the very heart of Jesus it’s beautiful ~ just like you! 


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