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Excitement for the New

Lots of exciting things expected for 2019 ~ •Planning some of it out and trying to leave the rest for the Almighty to ordain our steps. •On the horizon for 2019 are~ •Finishing up my bible study and getting it published {I thought this was a 2018 thing but it took way longer than I thought🤦🏽‍♀️} •Learn a new skill •Fall more and more in love with the Word. For He reveals Himself with perfect peace and don’t we all need that 🙋🏽‍♀️ •Hubby is changing ministry jobs and that may mean a move coming soon. 😬I know God is faithful and for those that walk in righteousness are able to see so much of His faithfulness.

•We have so many exciting events coming with our boys and honestly it scares me. For not being a very fearful person ~ when it comes to my boys, fear comes over me like a flood! As I look at the world around me it can be overwhelming to raise godly men. And I have to keep going back to the feet of Jesus and giving them back to Him to protect and guide.#momofboys

•I am super blessed and honored to be speaking at a few Womens events this coming year! Will you pray for me over this? I am honored to share God’s Truth and His Grace with His beloveds. Also, I would love to speak at your next Womens event ~ just go to and see if the dates work out when you fill out the request form. I would love to join you in encouraging women to follow hard after Jesus with a steadfastness that keeps them secure. Let’s do this in 2019! •I would love to know what are you excited about for your 2019 year? What are you expecting from this year and how can I pray for you?


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