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Salty, Sweet Study ~ The Resurrection

It’s April and here at #saltysweet we are doing a #study on the Resurrection Understanding the power of the resurrection is powerful.

I am thrilled to share with you the power this study holds to set you free! The first step to understanding is understanding we have the power THROUGH OUR EXAMPLE~Christ to bring new life to any person. But it doesn’t stop there. •We have the power to bring a new song to any situation and circumstance that seems hopeless. We must first know that our fear of God gives us wisdom and in that fear we have an understanding that His thoughts are so much higher than our own. So as we dig deep into the power of the resurrection we know that we will not fully understand it all on this side of heaven.

We humbly seek so that we may have deep roots in Christ. So that we may walk confidently in His commands revealing our Love for the one that died, was bury, but ROSE FROM THE GRAVE! He did this for the world. Not just for you and me, but the world! For your neighbor, your friend, the single mama trying to have it all together,the one that you see struggling through life, and also the one you would call your enemy. Oh~ beloved, I am excited to dig deep and let His Spirit reveal to each of us how to live a life in not just dying to ourselves as Jesus did but to live as beloved daughters who have been raised into a new life. A life that walks in freedom not in bondage. A life of Love because Love raised us when we were dead in our sins and our eyes were blinded to this power. May we have eyes to see His power in our lives and His power to offer others to raise up the #upsidedownkingdom for the Glory of our God. Who set all this in motion to reveal His love for you, me, and all who will believe. ❓Do you want to live in the power of the resurrection? ❓Do you want to give this new life to others so that they too can know and understand what freedom, grace, and love truly are? ➡️Seek and you will find! 🔀 I challenge you to join in on this #saltysweetstudy ~ it’s a simple task today! Go and search your #bible or #bibleapp to find what His Word says about the “Resurrection” 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼#Search it & #Share in the comments!

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