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Salty, Sweet Summer Bible School Study For Your Church

Hey, there beloveds ~To those of you who are just now thinking of this year's Vacation Bible School. I wanted to share one of the Bible school curricula that I wrote.

I have written a full 5-day study to be used as a Backyard Bible Club, VBS, or any type of week-long children's event. This curriculum has been tried and been found true. I enjoyed leading this with our local church. And I hope you will too.

This is a curriculum based out of the parables. As it is designed for smaller churches but it works well with any size.

It can be adapted to fit your needs.

It comes with graphics, rotation schedules, along with simple and more in-depth outlines for leaders and teachers.

It leaves room for your leaders and teacher to be as creative as they would like. Which always works well!

I wrote this study for children when I was searching for something for our church without all of the frills and costly extras that all the VBS curriculum seem to have.

Also, I wanted to teach our children the songs from when we were children that are still hidden in so many hearts today. These songs seem to stay with us and still speak to us as adults.

I bet you could recall a few sweet songs that you learned in Sunday School or VBS when you were a child. As you remember I bet you will wear a smile as you realize you can recall each and every word.

We no longer teach these songs in Sunday school classes and there is not really a place in our churches for our children to learn simple truths that impacted us as children. For this reason and the simpleness of this study, I called it "Old School Bible School".

This is what I want for our children today. I want this generation to sing.

We did this children's study, everyone loved it!

We had blast together coupled with the fun were great discussions that this curriculum develops.

The kids loved the simple songs and the exciting activities that speak to the hearts of this generation.

And because everyone enjoyed this so much I want to offer it to you!

If you have not already planned your summer Bible school then check this out!

Message me for details to order~ If you would like to use this for your churches Summer Bible School!


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