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Salty Sweet Study ~ The Resurrection, Online Study

Oh~ beloved, It’s April! And it’s Monday!! I feel as if it’s a new season. The first day of the month landing on a Monday, just says let’s start something new and great!

And it may just be here at #saltysweet we are introducing our #saltysweetstudy 📢 • In hopes to serve you better we will have a monthly #saltysweetfocus 🆕 • The month of April we will be focused on the #resurrection and all the power and significance the resurrection has in our lives as believers and followers of Jesus. • We will look at ~ 🔜 The power of the resurrection. 🔜 What’s the impact of Jesus being resurrected for believers 🔜 How to live and love in this power that is from the Spirit. 🔜And we will have conversations and stories from beloveds who understand this power in their lives and walk in courageous faith. 🔜 We will discuss what how powerful our lives can be when we have a real understanding that if Christ rose from the grave, we too can have a new life in him and what that looks like. So many good things coming up this month! Don’t miss out on it all! Sign up for my monthly newsletter! Also~ who would love to do a live chat about what the power of the resurrection means in your life? Message me and let’s share His power with others together!!

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