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3 ways to make History Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s the Inauguration and it is History in the making!

I love history and it seems it has rubbed off on my littles! (Which I love also)

Can I just challenge you and your family to take the time to be a part of History?

Like it or not we have a 45th President getting sworn in tomorrow @ 11:30am

You want to know how you can make history?

  1. Stop and watch~ I have added a link to the official Inaugural Committee that will live stream it! Years later you will be able to say, ‘I remember when…”! Even If it doesn’t seem important to you or you do not like the new president~ It is your country’s history and you can be a part of it! That is history in the making!

  2. Parents, Teachers and Leaders ~ Educate your children~ Find fun facts about the inaugurations of the past and help them to understand what they will see! I did this with our school and it was a huge hit! (You could do it right before the inauguration starts. This it is exciting and let us pass that excitement on to the next generation, Who knows you might be lighting a fire in the heart of a future president! That is making history!

  3. Pray ~ Pray for our country and pray for our leaders! Even if you disagree with them all (as we all might on something) Pray~ Humble yourself and watch the hand of God work. Pray for the next set of leaders to walk in integrity and for the a generation to see and respect true integrity! That is preparing for great things to happen and makeing a history we can be proud of!

We are all capable of encouraging those around us to be a part of history and to make history by being a generation that is on our knees and may we see His grace and power in our lifetime among our country!


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