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Betrayal is One Part…

As we read today~ Luke 22:7-53 ~ The Thursday of Holy Week~ the week leading up to Jesus’ death on a cross,

I am reminded again that Jesus suffered not just from the betrayal of His fellow countrymen but of one of his closest friends. He knew the pain of investing and loving someone only for them to turn their backs on him and not just that, but this friend would cause him so much heartache from the actions. Have you been there?

Have you had your heart broken over who you thought was a close friend but to only find out that they were now against you and causing trouble for you along their path? If so, you can rest assure you are not alone~ even if it may feel like it! In those times I think 💭 ~ Don’t they know me, don’t they know my heart? From the time spent with this friend and the investment of time and love, they should know my heart!

We know that Judas had to have seen and known Jesus’ heart, and there I am reminded it was Judas’ heart that was the problem.

To be like Jesus is to know betrayal from your closest people. For the evil one knows that it is the ones closest to you that will hurt and distract you the most. ~ For if it was a stranger you would write them off and they would do less harm and distract you less from what God has called you to. But, beloved that is not the end of this Story ~

Jesus after his betrayal still rebukes Peter in love and restores the damage he had done in haste. Jesus still moved on loving and investing in others and still does today.

He was filled by His time spent in prayer and kept His focus on the Father and choose to still love others despite the many acts of betrayal He would endure.

Keep your heart from hardening in times of hurt by keeping your eyes on the Father and what He is calling you to do and that is to chose to love.

Remember being betrayed  is only ONE part of being like Jesus. The other is dealing with like he did and still choosing to love others more than yourself, more than your pain.

Will you love as He loved?


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