Did You Hear The Bells?

Sunday morning we walked out of the sanctuary after a beautiful service where we were given the gift of seeing multiple children and youth declare their intent to follow Jesus through baptism.

As we exited the church doors out into the world our ears were filled with the joyous sound of bells ringing. It was almost as if the bells were rejoicing alongside the angels in these decisions. What a beautiful sound!!!

My son immediately stopped, looked up, and questioned “Do you hear that Mommy?!?! It’s like they are saying don’t forget about Jesus.”  Yes, I smiled, yes they are, let us not forget about Jesus. 

As his words taught the heart of his mama once again, this truth flooded my eyes....Our God is so very with us, in and through all things! Are we looking and listening for Him?

Almost as if in slow motion, I looked to my right and I saw the water begin where the street ended. A boat with fishermen sailed by. Amidst their peace upon the water, the song of the bells was present.

To the left, I saw a man walking his dog and a woman working in her flowers. Amidst their tasks, amidst their work, the song of the bells was present.

As I glanced in front of me, an elderly gentleman in a pick up truck waved politely with a smile. Amidst his travel, the song of the bells was present.

I looked down at my son’s hand in mine and I thought...amidst our relationship, the song of bells reached us as well. I am so very grateful for those moments.

You see, in those moments, it felt we were united.  All different people, with different plans, going about life in different ways but able to hear the sound. We were invited to listen and to join the proclamation that Jesus is not fo