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Good bye 2016!

Part 1 ~ New years

Goodbye, 2016!

I am so thankful for all the memories you provided with family, friends, and our God!

My heart is overwhelmed as we look back on all that the Lord has blessed us with!

How broken relationships were mended, new friendships made, how our faith was grown in uncertainties, adventures conquered and the blessing of still seeing the Lord provide in so many ways!

This is all to know He isn’t finished with us yet!! But He longs to reveal His glory to us and through us!

May we remember that mistakes make memories~ Memories that perfection can never achieve! Memories that we already look back on and oh, how our hearts smile! I am talking about those moments in life when things don’t go just as planned and you can choose to smile and embrace or bitter and controling~ times like when you put your foot in your mouth or calling someone by the wrong name! Or yelling, “Smoking Muffins” when you don’t know what to say when you are close to dying! ~


Thank you, Lord, for those mistakes that have brought us closer to You and each other!

May we remember the hard times and see Your hand working it all out to become our good!

May that build our trust more in Your Faithfulness in the coming years!

Thank you, 2016 for providing so many opportunities for our children to see the Lord and His mighty hand! May they themselves see His goodness and follow after Him all of their years


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