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I see you Mama. You’re not Alone.

It was one of those moments where I knew, I needed to work through some of what I was feeling. A lot of times, in moments like that, I like to cut the grass. It’s a physical work, makes me feel least I’m exercising. I can see instant results and they’re not quickly reversible. 

So many other things in our life are quickly reversed like dishes and laundry. So this way, 

 I don’t feel guilty for taking time to exercise because I’m actually completing a needed chore.  Win win, right?! 

I never really thought that I would feel guilty for taking time to exercise but, in life,  there are times when that has become a definite reality.

I quickly walked out to the lawnmower, filled it with gas and pulled the cord. The  engine started and all of the other noises of life were drowned out. The “quiet” of the engine  allowed me time to think.  

This chore doesn’t require too much effort mentally. You just follow the lines in the grass, the clean lines of a fresh cut lawn. In that freedom my mind is allowed to process other thoughts. 

Today, the thoughts were heavy. As most of us walk through this life, we meet heavy thoughts  over sickness, relationships, jobs, finances, parenting abilities, our children’s choices, 

 faith, and God’s direction for us and our families.   

As I walked, my three year old came up beside me with her toy lawnmower. She was so proud to be doing what “mommy” was doing.  

What a wake up call. They watch us and they want to be like us, not just on the good days, but they see us on the hard days too. 

After a few minutes, she stopped pushing her lawnmower and grabbed the handle of the one I was pushing.  Her sweet face looked up at me as she proudly said,  “I’ll help you push Mommy.” 

So, that’s what we did. Sure, it was slower, but it was much sweeter. She was so happy just to help me push. 

She’s three. She’s a child. She is one of the gifts I’ve been given. She changed my day by simply saying I’m here, I’ll walk with you and I want to help you push through. 

In those moments, I thanked God for the gift of children, for the way they love, and for the way He uses them to say; I see you Mama. You’re not alone. 

It’s my hope that you know,  you are worthy, you have a purpose, you are strong, and you are loved.  As I was reminded through the love of a child, I hope I can remind you, through the love of a friend...We see you Mama. You’re not alone. 

Thankful for this life and praying with you, Kristin 

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