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Know and Love

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Can I just say, I love each one of you Salty, Sweet Sisters! And I count it a true blessing to know each of you!!

May Our Salty,Sweet Study be a place where we “do life together”!

May we have soft hearts to take the risk to invest our time and resources in getting to know each other. So that we may love with a Christ-like love, one another. In order to do that, we have to know our source!

We have to know the One who is Love~ For God IS LOVE! ~ I pray that we come together and get in the Word of God in order to change us from the inside. This time of growth will flow over into our lives and our families. It starts with us taking a step of obedience to grow into a deeper knowledge of who Christ is.

Just as a side note ~ We will always have more to learn about our great Savior. He is so great and awesome that we should be excited to grow in this saving knowledge. Let this be a priority in your personal growth. And come to KNOW this loving God, that longs to KNOW and be LOVED by you!


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