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One way to walk in confidence

Someone may need to be reminded of this #SatlyTruth ~

Confidence in Christ may look strange and out of place in a world that has rejected Him. But know He holds all things in His hand and that includes you beloved!

If you have Faith~ faith that gains confidence when trusted in the unseen and unknown sometimes we will know one thing that His Word is our shield to hide in when we feel surrounded.

People ask why I hold so tightly to His every Word and the reason is it has been a strong shield in the most difficult times when I have felt surrounded by rejection, hurt, confusion, and just being lost in what to do next.

If we forget that we are surrounded by His Love and it is shown in His truths, we become angry, bitter and isolated from those that shine bright because we carry that darkness that covers our light. But when we refuse to let the enemy steal our relationships, our joy and our gathering we walk in Faith. And ushers in a confidence in Christ that only those Like-minded will understand and rejoice with you as others you pray will take hold of this freedom found in faith and let go when they feel like they are already sinking deep and trust in the one who holds you and surrounds you with His grace.

Be confident that even in the battles the Victory is His already because we are His beloveds!

~So be reminded to walk by faith and let go of the strong holds the enemy has on you.

Confidence is freedom when it is placed in the right place.

Bethel Music~ “I Am Surrounded”


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