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Our hearts break for those that don’t make time to bring their families to worship the One, True King on a regular basis. We know the impact it can have in softening hearts and leading us and our families to look more like Jesus as we come to know Him more!

May we have our hearts are broken over being the church~ That includes corporate worship and so much more that will make our joy full! Seek Acts chapter 2 and see how you are doing your part to be the Light!

In a world that needs Truth spoken in love, may we be that Light~

May we seek to disciple our families first and then others to know what “the church” is and is not! But first, do you know what it is to be a disciple and be a functioning part of the body of Christ that brings Him glory?

Are we seeking Him in our own lives and are we inviting those families into our homes to love on them or just relying on the maybe 2 hours we see them on Sundays?

Psalm 29:2 Give to the Lord the glory due to His name; Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.


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