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This Momma’s heart on a Mission to Kenya

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Was it difficult to leave my 3 sweet boys and Handsome husband to fulfill what was so clearly a calling from the Lord? YES! YES! and YES a hundred times!

Was it a true blessing for me and my family? YES! YES! and YES a hundred times!

Did we all find something good the Lord was teaching us and His desire for us to see Him in our lives during this 2 wk adventure? Yes! And praises to Jesus for still working in and through us!

I truly believe that the Lord can speak to your heart anywhere at any time, it is up to us to hear that still small voice and to truly listen.

As I traveled to and from Kenya and I traveled the roads there, I just soaked up all that the Lord wanted me to understand! My heart was so filled and overwhelmed with the Spirit revealing His Word to me.

I am only sharing a few of them now with you.

3 Blessings I gained on this adventure as a Momma ~

  1. I want so much more for my children than the ‘American Dream’ ~I want the adventure the Lord has for them, whatever that might look like for each child. As I sat on the plane I spoke to a woman that was returning to her parents in Africa as they are missionaries there, and I spoke to another young 19-year-old girl that was going to work in the slums in Nairobi to work in orphanages for 3 weeks, I was sweetly reminded that there is so much more for my children than the “American dream” and it is not only okay but oh so good! These women were not and have not missed out on any good thing the Lord has for them! Instead, they were joyous, sweet individuals that were a blessing to me and many others!

As wonderful as it is and may seem, there is so much more! More than possessions and achievements.When I see children just surviving and there is no reason that my children are born in a land that has playgrounds and we do things just for fun, not to just survive, I think how we tell our children that they can achieve so many things/dreams and we do all that we can to make it happen, and there are others who just want to fetch clean water that day.I want my children to desire the things of the Lord more than these earthly possessions for one day they may be gone. What they have done for the Lord will last. And then whatever achievements or possessions will bring Him glory will last for eternity not to be destroyed by rust or sin.

May we seek to show our children that the greatest adventures and the fullest fulfillment in their lives are in following Jesus. May we be examples of when you follow Jesus you will find where He is and where they will find our hearts fulfillment in serving  Jesus!    

2. Momma’s need other Momma’s ~         We are all the same~  

 Women carry their little ones on their backs for miles to get medicine for an earache amongst other things.

We are all mommas that love our children and want the best for them.

This journey called parenthood is difficult no matter where you are.

Pride so often keeps us from the help that could set us free. 

When we humble ourselves and let the Spirit bring a sweet unity and friendship, then we are so very blessed with what God intended for us to have. ~ The Church!

I was blessed to spend many days with a momma living in Garissa, Africa who is praying through how to be what their family needs and how to be a Wife, Mother, Friend and a servant of the King all to bring glory to the Savior and further His kingdom not her own.

Just as we are here in our hometowns.

I was encouraged as we realized we were the same in so many areas and how we longed for that encouragement that only our presence can provide to one another to fight the good fight for our beloved children, family, and friends.

Momma’s need other Momma’s to defeat the lie that we are alone.

May we take the time to encourage one another along.

May we be so blessed to find like-minded people and treasure that friendship as if it is gold because it’s worth is far more than gold!

3. Momma’s love when others to love on their children.

This is such a blessing to every momma out there.  When you get the chance to love on their children you have loved them!

 (Doesn’t that sound like the character of God, oh how we are made in His image, each one of us! 🙂 Let us Love on the children of God)

 Every woman that is a momma to children here or children who have gone unto the throne of Jesus, when someone takes the time to ask about or just acknowledge that their children are loved by someone other than their parents, this so wonderful to the heart of that woman!

I have always loved children and even now I still want to love on other children than my own because I do love them and this also lets my children see they are not the only little ones I love and my attention is not always on them. And in that, it has also stirred their hearts to love on those children they love also.

Saying all this may we show love and grace to every woman out there and be the one that steps out of our comfort and builds that unity that will radiate Christ in our hearts to every heart.

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