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Beach Fench

Steadying hearts to live in the fullness of truth and gather in sweet grace

I want to encourage you to face the hard things in life with the fullness of Truth and grace. Helping you to see the beauty and good God creates in every battle and every season. 
Let’s lean into the many situations life throws at us and find a steady and secure place together!
Battles big and small have huge significance in the kingdom of God. 

Hi, I'm Jessi Strother.

I help you search and see His fullness that will strengthen you and steady you to walk as a child of God fully. Lacking nothing as you face the challenges this world throws at you each day. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Let us rest in that together seeking the Way, the Truth and the life that is hidden in Jesus. 

A Warrior is what He created when He created women and we must fight the good fight but we don’t have to do that alone. Come along and walk with other warriors and find a steadiness and a strength only Jesus can supply. 

We come alongside you and encourage you through a collection of blog posts, podcasts (coming soon), FB communities, and events throughout the year.

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