The Salty, Sweet Collective 

A Collective of  Bible Lessons where we encourage you to see the fullness of  Jesus through Salty Truths and Sweet Grace. 


Salty, Sweet Collective is a community on FB and IG, a blog, and a place to encourage your heart to be steadfast and secure in the fullness of Truth & Grace. 

We offer everyday strategies to grow in Salty Truth and Gather in Sweet Grace. Revealing a community of Love. 

And in that steady, secure place we hope to strengthen you to be able to disciple your children in seeing the fullness of Jesus for themselves. We share our everyday lives with you in hopes to lead you to be a Steadfast and Secure Mama. Family is at the heart of God, let us encourage you as we seek to see and be Jesus in our homes. 

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This women's ministry is based on John 1:14 and Col 4:6

Jessi Strother

Loving Jesus, Loving His people, Persevering with Truth & Grace

                    Hey there, beloveds,


It's me, Jessi and my Handsome is the one I am squishing noses with. He is also known as Pastor Bobby or daddy.

We have 4 sweet boys and live in S.C.

where one of these sweet boys

is joining our family through adoption.

We have a heart for

foster children and adoption.

We enjoy encouraging 

godly marriages because we know

it is beautifully hard but so worth it!

We have a lot of fun sharing

about Jesus at marriage conferences

and while chatting with friends. 


We are a huge baseball family that

loves to cook, host, and eat together.

We especially enjoy rolling our own sushi

and homemade pizza!    

I long for the nations to know that  

 Jesus is the fullness of Truth and Grace through 

the steadfast and secure steps of faithful disciples. 

We know that it is all about seeing Jesus

in our everyday moments with family,

that enables us to love our God,

 our family, others well.

I started writing to be able to encourage others in their love for Jesus.

God has allowed me to continue this path in many ways. He has opened opportunities to be the keynote speaker at retreats, conferences, and other women's events.  

I am honored to share at women's events throughout the years.

I am currently working on launching a podcast as is my Handsome. 

I am glad your here and stick around by signing up for an email that will continue to encourage you and keep you up to date on the latest releases of the blog post, podcast team, where I am speaking next and much more! 


From His fullness,

we have all received grace upon grace. 

For the Law was given through Moses;

grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

 No one has ever seen God,

but the one and only Son,

who is Himself God and is at the Father’s side,

has made Him known.… John 1:16-17

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