Be a woman who uses her shield of faith

Beloveds ~

I am excited and honored to be asked to endorse a book from a sweet friend who loves His church deeply. She longs to encourage women to rethink women ministry.

As I read her words of encouragement and honesty, I think of the women that will be served well because of her words. And that excites me!

Then I think of those that need to see how women's ministry can be done well and God honoring. How powerful it is to have women who honor God by loving well in His church.

Then there's the other end where it is so harmful to have women who do not consult the Lord as they seek to lead His church.

My heart breaks for those that do not know what they are missing because they haven't been given the gift of women who are His church and seek to follow Jesus no matter the cost.

Who wear their armor from the Spirit and boldly activate it through prayer to shield and protect His body.

This leads me to think of these two things ~

1 ~ There are women out there that are hurting because the church refuses to activate and use their armor of God.

There are imperfect women that have not been protected by the shield of faith from other believers.

Hurting people are not always hurt by the injustice but by those who did nothing.

When God's people do something by faith they move mountains of loneliness and lies.

They may not always change the situation but they change hearts.